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10 Fun Things You Must Do in Prague

here’s a list of the Best Comedy Movies on Netflix. So, what makes a comedy? Well, in an objective sense, comedy is when something is unexpected, funny and should be laughed at. And no matter how much it seems like anything goes on TV, we can certainly find comedy in real life as well.
Comedies are nothing new, in fact, they have been a staple for as long as the movies were. The names of the best comedies on Netflix aren’t even made up of those that were produced over a hundred years ago; you can also find them on DVD now as well.
The list of the funniest and most funny movies on Netflix will include classics, and even if they aren’t that much in theaters, still hold their own in the hallowed halls of theaters. Comedies are different than action or drama films, because they can tackle so many topics and there is more room for a laugh at times. However, it still is important to know what makes a comedy and choose a film accordingly.

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